EU Commission funding programmes and financial instruments

Analysis and valuation
Our services and expertise include:

  • Cost benefit (CBA), multi-criteria (MCA) and cost-effectiveness (CEA) analysis for public investment programmes

  • Lifecycle cost, SWOT, MOST, VPEC-T, Heptalysis and other analysis techinques

Business planning and development
Solid plans are the basis of every activity for their presentation to financing authorities, investors and financial intermediaries. A plan is a result of interpretation of business activities, competences, processes and economic facts. Our services and expertise include:

  • Preparation and enhancement of business plans, scenario building and analysis for investment, commercial and development purposes

Our services and expertise include:Procurement of funds for technology and research, presentation of innovation with supporting economic data, setting up and sourcing of finance for innovative start-ups and businesses.

    Finance, investing and funding
    The reasons for financing might be multiple (growth, expansion, innovation, research). Based upon a sound business plan we screen and select the most suitable financing possibilities. Our services and expertise include:

    • Sourcing of funds for development, cooperation and investment projects from EU, commercial lending , national and multilateral programmes

    • Procurement services for participation to EU, EIB, EBRD, WB call for proposals and call for tenders

    • Originating investment and lending opportunities, sourcing equity and debt financing from multiple counterparts

    Project development and management
    Setting up a project requires skills within various fields. We help you setting up your project to make it attractive to EU , national, regional and other public financing authorities.

    When the project has an investment nature, we develop it with banks and investment funds in mind, by analysing scenarios and options that can guarantee best returns and developing the right approach to market. Our services and expertise include:

    • Project and business idea generation and structuring

    • Writing of funding proposals in the field of infrastructure, transport, real estate, energy, environment and local development

    • Support to clients in the technical and administrative management of EU funded projects during all stages of the project cycle