Our portfolio is geographically diversified and focusing on infrastructure, transport and mobility, real estate and energy. 

We are looking for opportunities to promote studies and investments on green transport, tourism, blue economy and innovation. Our last assignments were carried out for public and private clients in Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, Bulgaria and West Africa.

Cost-benefit analysis for a fast maritime line between Italy and Croatia

EU ERDF FUNDING - Central Italy – Public Client

Cost-benefit analysis for a railway tunnel in metropolitan area

EU CEF FUNDING - Northern Italy – Public Client

Green mobility and transport projects

Public and private clients

Turn key renewable energy projects financing and development

Private clients

Luxury residence
financing in Venice

Public and private clients

EU project application

North Adriatic short sea shipping  – Public clients

EU financing application

Multi modal terminal in Bulgaria –Public clients

ICT infrastructure and software development

Maritime Data Management Systems in Italy - Public clients

Debt restructuring

Marina development in Northern Italy – Private clients

EU ERDF financing applications

Upgrading of retail stores in Northern Italy – Private clients

EuropeAid Tender application

Two Mini Solar Hybrid Power Grids - Eritrea – EU - Private Client

EU ERDF Financing

Refurbishing of 5 Hotels in Northern Italy – Private clients

Financing of a mixed-use resort

Food & beverage products and nature hospitality in Northern Italy

Touristic – Productive -Commercial – Private investment

Innovative renewable energy building envelope component

EU financing – Horizon 2020 SME Instrument – Private client

Business Planning and Financing of glamping resort

Central Italy – Private investment

Support to business intermediary for the provision of advice to client SMEs on EU financing programmes

Public client – Northern Italy

Set up and financing of innovative textile dyeing factory

Private investment - Central Italy